Planning Your Teen for Their First Summer Camp

Properly preparing your teen for their very first camp often means the difference between a successful adventure and an unpleasant time where your teen wishes the minutes aside. Here we look at some ideas to help your teen have the most fabulous summer ever!


Start Preparing Now for Teen Summer Camp

It's officially springtime now and the perfect coming back your teen to start planning their own summer experiences. Summer camp experiences involve a wide range of choices and activities, and teenagers should seek out summer camps that align with their passions. It’s particularly important for teenagers to keep an open mind as well as consider options they may not have explored in the past.

Make Sure Your Teenager Has a Sensible View before Going to Summer Camp

The idea of escaping parental nagging, coupled with visions of hanging around performing very little and late-night celebrations, probably feature heavily in many teens’ minds when dealing with the exciting prospect of being overseas for the first time. However, it is important they are given a full picture associated with what life at teen summer camp is going to be like, including the much more mundane, every-day realities, as well as negative aspects.

Although a person doesn’t want to put the damper on things, it is necessary you are realistic and clarify that it will not be a laugh-a-minute, 24-hour party; as with every factor of life, your teen needs to be which there will be times when they are home-sick, miserable, or just bored. They ought to also know that summer camp is not a glorified vacation and that it invariably involves teamwork; this means tugging their weight, which often arrives as a nasty shock for an unprepared teen!

Make sure that your child is fully aware of what exactly is expected of them; read the summer camp brochure and look for things like meal times, resting arrangements and bathroom services. Pay particular attention to camp rules and regulations so that your teen features a good understanding of what is allowed. For older children, it is very important to stress a zero threshold towards alcohol, drugs as well as any other risky activities, and ensure they are aware that misbehavior will certainly most certainly result in being delivered home early. Childrens camp can help with this.

Thoroughly Get Ready for Summer Camp

It’s always a good idea to foresee any potential problems that might arise, especially if your teen offers dietary restrictions, particular worries (such as the dark), is extremely shy around strangers, or even if they have specific routines which they probably won’t be able to carry on at camp. Talking about the differences between camp as well as home will help your teen feel prepared and gives them self-confidence, making it less likely that they will all of a sudden face something unexpected.

Your child may have never shared an area with someone else, and definitely not with strangers, so provide them with the head’s up regarding social niceties when in near proximity of others, for example picking up after themselves, arranging a space for their possessions, and making sure that other people’s possessions (and personal space) are respected and remaining alone.

Motivate Them with Summer Camp

It is also a good idea to motivate your teen to help pack for the camp and getting ready with the camp programs, asking them what clothes they’d prefer to carry them, and offering a few valuable advice about what info, and would perhaps much better off left at home.

Make sure that your teenager knows how to remain in contact with you, but carefully what is regulations of the particular teen summer camp regarding telephone calls, for instance. Some are rather stringent regarding not allowing any phone calls, whereas others are more flexible. However, it is important to know what their own rules are before your child sets off for camp. In case regular communication is frowned on, then discuss with your teen wherever they should turn for assistance if they are worried about something, or even if they just feel unfortunate or lonely.
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